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Why Do I Need Fender Covers

While the importance and purpose of inflatable fenders is obviously practical, the reasons for fender covers aren’t always as obvious to boat owners. That’s because many boat owners will buy fenders without bothering with covers, though there are several reasons why an extra investment is worth it. 

If you already own inflatable fenders for your boat, or you’re thinking about investing in a new ones, we explain why many boaters buy or strongly consider the additional cost of fender covers (also endearingly known as Fenda-Sox). 

They Protect the Paint On Your Hull

Over time uncovered fenders, while protecting your boat from more severe damage, can wear off or cause streaks on a hull’s paint finish. While those streaks are generally easy to clean off if they happen, they can be a bother for many boaters that take pride in the pristine look of their vessel.

Fender covers help protect your boat’s paint and gel coatings while docking, so boat owners don’t have to worry about checking for streak marks or other minor aesthetic issues on their boat. Regardless of the size of the boat or the size of the fenders, covers are important to keep your boat in tip-top shape. 

They Make Inflatable Fenders a Stylistic Statement

Beyond protecting your hull from the streaks caused by inflatable fenders, covers can even enhance the look and feel of your docked boat. Fender covers come in many different colors, some can even be adorned with custom images or embroidered for a more distinct look. 

Depending on your stylistic preference, fender covers can be just another way to express yourself through your boat. You can even embroider your boat’s name or logo on them.

They Protect Your Fenders from UV Rays

In the case of rubber fenders, UV rays can melt the material over time or cause fenders to stick to a boat’s sides. Fender covers offer protection from the sun, making fenders easy to deploy and stow without hassle or damage.  

Be warned that not all fender covers offer the same protection from UV rays or the marine environment in general, so pay close attention to the covers’ material before buying for your own fenders.

Where Can I Buy Fender Covers?

AERÉ Docking Solutions fender covers can be purchased for all sizes of AERÉ inflatable fenders, including other common brands of fenders. The AERÉ Fenda-Sox series is made of an acrylic knitted fabric which is custom made in house for each fender, an especially soft and delicate fabric that has traditionally protected the most expensive paint finishes. 

If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing AERÉ fender covers, you can find them here. 

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