Ben Rosenberg

Sailing Passion Turned Professional: Meet Ben Rosenberg, AERÉ’s European Sales Representative

At AERÉ, we’re not just about marine products; we’re about a love for the sea. And Ben Rosenberg, our European …

navigating a boat show

Navigating the Boat Show Season with AERÉ

As autumn ushers in its cool breeze and golden hues, boat enthusiasts have a unique reason to celebrate—the beginning of …

properly using inflatable fenders

Safety First: Tips for Properly Using Inflatable Fenders and Docks

Boating enthusiasts understand the vital role that inflatable fenders and docks play in ensuring a safe and secure docking experience. …

Marine Industry Leaders

AERÉ Docking Solutions: A Journey from PRAKTEK, Inc. to Industry Leader

In the ever-evolving world of marine technology and accessories, one company has made an indelible mark with its commitment to …

AERE Jet Ski Docks and Work Platforms

Innovations in Marine Technology: A Closer Look at AERÉ Inflatable Docks

Marine technology is advancing at a rapid pace, revolutionizing how we interact with watercraft and the surrounding environment. One company …

custom fender covers

The Art of Customization: Personalizing Your AERÉ Inflatable Fender Covers

Personalizing your yacht is an art, and every detail counts. One exceptional way to add a touch of elegance while …

inflatable fenders

Choosing the Right Inflatable Fender for Your Boat

When it comes to protecting your boat during docking and mooring, inflatable fenders are indispensable. These versatile and practical accessories …

Exploring the Different Types of AERÉ Inflatable Fenders for Commercial Use

Commercial vessels require robust and reliable fender solutions to ensure optimal protection during docking and mooring operations. AERÉ inflatable fenders …

custom embroidery yacht fenders

Enhance Your Yacht’s Aesthetics with Custom Embroidery on Fenda-Sox Covers

When it comes to personalizing your yacht and adding a touch of elegance, custom embroidered fender covers are a fantastic …

jet ski docking

AERÉ Inflatable Jet Ski Docks for Reliable Jet Ski Docking Solutions

AERÉ Inflatable Jet Ski Docks provide a practical and secure solution for docking your jet skis. These docks are designed …

inflatable fender maintenance

Top Tips for Properly Inflating and Maintaining AERÉ Inflatable Fenders

Inflatable fenders are essential accessories for protecting your vessel from damage during docking and mooring. AERÉ inflatable fenders, known for …

military boat fenders

Why AERÉ Inflatable Fenders Are the Preferred Choice for Military Vessels

In the realm of naval forces, where vessel integrity is vital, military boat fenders play an indispensable role in safeguarding …

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