“I love your product no matter what the cost!! You’ve saved us so much gel coat repair work.”
Lady Lexie
“I’ve used my inflatable fender to raft in confidence. Seriously, one of the best investments I’ve made for the boat. The year previous, I spent $13K in topside/toe rail repair!”
“These products are just incredible! I have just finished an 1 ½ year journey to San Salvador from RI and the AER fenders saved my life and boat on several occasions. Best product I ever invested in. Yes, they seem expensive, but they are worth their weight in gold when you need them.”
“My wife loves these fenders. She can lift easily and I don’t have to.”
Baltimore, MD
“The best fender made. With 6+ knots of current in Charleston, SC at the city marina, I found those fenders to have minimal wear after 6 months at the dock.”
“Had a good test on ICW in Jacksonville. Came alongside a floating dock, north wind blew hard. The fender took the whole impact. If it didn’t break in this impact, it won’t. Good job!”
“Excellent – side-tying to other boats was easy, protected the boat, can tuck them away out-of-sight, out-of-mind until we really need them. Great for our end-tie slip, too.”
“We have had your product on our 58’ and then 70’ Tribute sportfish. We have travelled to the east coast, Caribbean, Mexico and the Pacific and they’ve held up beautifully for the last 3-4 years. I love their light weight – so easy to handle. “
“I purchased 2 30” inflatable fenders for the Erie Canal. OUTSTANDING!! Kept my 36’ trawler off the walls despite huge holes in the wall. One of my best purchases ever.”
“15 years and very satisfied.”
Three Little Birds
“Best fenders we ever had! So easy and light to use. Never go back to regular fenders.”

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