The Perks of Having an Inflatable Docking System

An inflatable docking system is a useful helper in having fun while boating.  Of course, when you talk about mooring, fenders are not that far from thought. Docks help stabilize the boat while it’s at rest, while fenders reduce the trauma a boat acquires while it’s moored. 
What if you’re on a lake or a river and you need a dock at that very moment and there’s no other dock nearby? To answer this need, there is an inflatable docking system available on the market.

Difference Between a Floating Dock and a Stationary Dock

Many people often wonder which is better. Is it a floating dock or a stationary dock? The answer usually depends on the needs of the boater and the environment the boat frequents.

An inflatable docking system falls under the category of a floating dock. It is better for most dynamic boaters than a stationary one. Below are some of the differences between the two docks:

  1. Floating dock
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • It adjusts to the changing water levels caused by droughts, seasons, tides, and floods
  • Makes it easy for you to get on or off your boat
  • It is easy to maintain and almost maintenance-free
  • Doesn’t need land for installation
  • Just attach it to any existing vessel or structure
  • Allows you to change its shape by adding more sections, based on your needs
  • Resistant to the elements
  1. Stationary Dock
  • An extremely stable extension of an existing property
  • Ideal for gatherings and other social happenings
  • Rests on land
  • Its ease of use depends on the water level
  • It might be more challenging to get on or off the vessel if the water level fluctuates

 For more active boaters and water lovers, the floating dock is clearly more useful and more practical. Those who just use their boats for transport and conventional fishing would prefer a stationary dock. It is up to you to choose which dock fits your lifestyle best.

Benefits of an Inflatable Docking System

An inflatable docking system is a floating dock that gives more than a handful of benefits. Below are some of the benefits users get from an inflatable mooring system:

  • Does not falter because of water levels. Like any floating dock, inflatable mooring systems adapt to the water level of the environment in which they are deployed. It is always above the water line because it is filled with air.
  • Made of stronger materials. Inflatable docking systems are made with water-resistant and durable materials such as PVC.
  • Requires less maintenance. It is non-staining so you don’t need to scrub any debris off it. A quick rinse and it’s ready to store. This docking system saves you time, so you can have more time to have fun.
  • Simple design. This docking system is not complicated at all. Once it is inflated, it holds its elongated rectangular shape. Balance bags stabilize it underneath instead of wooden barrels, which rot over time.
  • Easy to deploy and install. Wherever you are, whatever vessel you have, you can bring out this docking system, inflate it and attach it to your boat, or your jet ski. With it, you can enjoy being out of your boat for other activities.                                                                                    
  • Serves as a usable platform. If you find it difficult to jump off and get back to the surface from your boat, an inflatable docking system will work for you.  After using it as a swim platform, you can even use it as a rest, fishing, picnic, or sunbathing platform.       
  • Has a protective netting. Inflatable docking systems also have protective netting around them, so swimmers can be safe from nettles and jellyfish.                      
  • Can become a work platform. If you do not want to work inside your boat, the inflatable docking system can serve as a separate area on which to work outside. It has a non-slip surface so you can be sure not to have slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Versatile in size and angled shape. By combining many inflatable docks, you can make an M-shaped, T-shaped, or an L-shaped dock. Or you can just connect each dock parallel to each other and make a big surface for work or lounging.
  • Makes yacht owners have more fun safely, with more accessibility. Inflatable docking solutions are very useful for people who have yachts and other water vehicles. A small number of people can easily inflate and recover them in just half an hour. With this technology, yacht owners find it easier to conduct ancillary docking for jet skis and other water toys. The tenders can easily pick up and discharge passengers without any trouble, even in choppy waters.                          
  • Becomes a small marina. The moment a yacht is anchored, an inflatable docking system can serve as an accessible space to keep water toys at the ready.                                     

 Boat owners experience discontent when they just sit in their vessels. They want to experience the waters in a more interactive way. Inflatable docking systems, like the one manufactured by AERE, make this possible. If you want to make your boating experience more interesting, fun, and safe, it is time to get your own inflatable mooring system.

For more information about fenders and an inflatable docking system, contact AERE Marine by clicking this link.

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