What to Look for When Purchasing Inflatable Fenders

Owning a boat of any size comes with great responsibility. Many boat owners make it a top priority to do whatever they can to protect their investment. There are so many products on the market available to aid in this process. One piece of protective equipment that is extremely important is boat fenders.  A boat fender is a piece of pliable vinyl material or soft padding that is hung on the side of a boat as a bumper. There are several different types of boat fenders, the most popular being inflatable boat fenders.

Inflatable fenders are a popular choice because the user can adjust the amount of pressure to meet their needs, which is a huge benefit over standard fenders. Inflatable fenders are a cost-effective option for protecting the hull of the boat and have the ability to deflate when not in use for easy stowing. They help to absorb shock and prevent damage to a boat from the dock or even from another boat.

So how do you know what to look for when purchasing inflatable fenders? With so many sizes, styles, and choices available, it’s difficult to know what to focus on when making your purchase decision. To help guide you in this process, here is what to look for when purchasing inflatable fenders for your boat:

Make sure the size of your boat and the size of the fender are in alignment.

It makes sense that a smaller boat would need smaller fenders, and a larger boat would require larger fenders. But with so many sizing options available, how can you be sure that the fender size you choose is actually correct? In this case, it is ideal to consult with a company that has created a complete breakdown and comparison of the fender sizes that correspond with the size of your boat.

Will you be hanging the fenders horizontally or vertically?

Whether you plan to hang the fenders over the side of your boat vertically to avoid collision with another boat, or horizontally to deter interaction with a dock, will determine the size of the fender that will be needed.

What are the conditions where the fenders will be used?

This is something very important to consider. Where you will be using and docking your boat is a huge determining factor of what to look for when purchasing inflatable fenders. Will your boat be docked in a calm lake, or a larger bay with a lot of chop and surge? These two situations will require very different inflatable fenders.

Which style of fender do you prefer?

The style of the fender goes far beyond just the aesthetic aspect. Different styles of fenders are made for different purposes, so you’ll need to consider the specific purpose for each fender, and that will determine the style that is right for you.

Will crew or family members be able to safely deploy and move the fenders when necessary?

This is a factor that most boat owners fail to think about when purchasing inflatable fenders.  The ease of use and ability for others to move the fenders in any situation is vital to consider.  You can’t be everywhere at once, so the crew or family that will be on board with you will need to be able to adjust the fenders without assistance when needed. 

If you are looking for further assistance in purchasing inflatable fenders for your boat, AERÉ Docking Solutions has an extensive line of over 40 inflatable fenders and can guide you in your purchasing decisions. Their inflatable fenders are the premier fender product of the yachting industry and are made from high denier, polyester fabric, and heavily PVC coated inside and outside. AERÉ inflatable fenders have built-in UV protection and are able to withstand an extreme amount of punishment without failure.

When it comes to knowing what to look for when purchasing inflatable fenders for your boat, turn to AERÉ Docking Solutions. Whether you are looking for inflatable fenders for a recreational yacht, a commercial vessel, or military use, they can guide you to the fenders that are the perfect fit for your situation.

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