mat plate fender

Uses for the Mat Plate Fender

We can all admit that there is no better feeling than paying for one product and finding out that it has more than just one obvious use. The shock factor of realizing that the product is useful for an abundance of things makes you feel like you’ve made the right purchasing decision. AERÉ’s mat fenders are a product guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve done both yourself and your vessel right. They go beyond being just a typical mat fender—they have more uses than you can count on your fingers.

AERÉ’s inflatable flat mat fenders are useful for various kinds of stern protection. They offer stern or swim platform protection without having to embark or disembark from tenders or another watercraft. Like the brand’s other fenders, these too are made from the heaviest duty materials and feature stainless steel “D” rings. The mat plate fender is made to fit in places that cylindrical fenders cannot. The flat design of the AERÉ’s flat mat plate fender decreases the tendency commonly associated with typical round fenders to end up either on top or under the platform because of wind and wave action, so they are exceptionally useful in tight, difficult mooring situations. The flat fender is used in conjunction with other fender solutions and is a means of providing additional protection for your yacht. Not only do these fenders protect your vessel, but they also protect the swim platform from bad docks or negligent small vessel operators. They also offer maximum protection between your hull and the dock and work to prevent scratching of the hull. Placing one of AERÉ’s inflatable flat mat fenders on the back of your swim platform can also prevent damage from anything floating behind your boat. As you can see, these fenders go way beyond offering just one form of protection. 

Moreover, the mat plate fender’s padding brings with it a lot of uses as well. AERÉ’s inflatable flat mat fender may be used to stabilize a generator. Its padding prevents vibration and noises while running. It provides good padding for things that you do not want to break when underway, offering another means of protection. Additionally, the fender can act as a cushion under your body while working on their boat, showing that it is useful in terms of comfort too! 

Purchasing an AERÉ’ inflatable mat fender is an easy decision because it is such a functional product. Aside from its plethora of uses, it is truly inflatable, meaning that it requires almost zero storage space and can be inflated or deflated in just a few minutes. Its flat design makes it easy to secure and work with, something that cannot be said about most fenders. This fender is a representation of what AERÉ does best: create practical products with the consumer in mind. Purchasing an AERÉ mat fender is one of the smartest purchases you can make because it is essentially several products all wrapped into one. Let AERÉ help you, check out the AERÉ inflatable mat fender today.

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