Ben Rosenberg

Sailing Passion Turned Professional: Meet Ben Rosenberg, AERÉ’s European Sales Representative

At AERÉ, we’re not just about marine products; we’re about a love for the sea. And Ben Rosenberg, our European Sales Representative, embodies that passion.

From Sailing Youth to Professional Competitor

Ben’s journey with sailing began in the picturesque shores of Newport, Rhode Island. His childhood was adorned with the thrill of sailing, a passion that became his guiding star as he embarked on a sailing career. As a youth, Ben raced across multiple sailboat classes in the United States, bagging notable victories, including the Youth National Championship in the Nacra 15.

The Path to Excellence

Ben’s journey didn’t stop there. He ventured into international competition aboard the Olympic Foiling Catamaran Nacra 17, balancing his sailing endeavors while pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His competitive spirit pushed him further, and he embraced the challenges of the prestigious Foiling Moth sailboat class, renowned as one of the most demanding sailing disciplines globally.

Training and Triumphs

The past summer marked Ben’s exceptional performances in the Foiling Moth fleet, showcasing his dedication and skill on the water. Presently, Ben is in Barcelona, tirelessly honing his craft and preparing for major sailing events in the coming year.

AERÉ Meets the Sailing World

Ben’s dedication extends beyond his sailing prowess. He’s set his sights on introducing AERÉ’s outstanding marine products to the racing realm. His involvement in the Youth Americas Cup, scheduled alongside the Americas Cup in October 2024, presents an exciting opportunity to merge his passion for sailing with representing AERÉ in the sailing world.

Join the Journey

Ben’s story isn’t just about a passion for sailing; it’s a testament to perseverance, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. We’re proud to have Ben Rosenberg on board, representing AERÉ’s dedication to the sailing community and our commitment to excellence in marine products.

As Ben continues to chart his course in the sailing world, he carries with him the values of AERÉ, fostering a deeper connection between the love for sailing and the innovation of our products. Stay tuned as we follow Ben’s remarkable journey and root for his continued success!

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