navigating a boat show

Navigating the Boat Show Season with AERÉ

As autumn ushers in its cool breeze and golden hues, boat enthusiasts have a unique reason to celebrate—the beginning of boat show season! AERÉ is gearing up to make a splash at the prestigious Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, scheduled from October 25 to October 29 this year. We’re here to ensure that you make the most of this exciting experience.

While some may argue that autumn and winter aren’t the peak sailing seasons, the warmth of a boat show, coupled with enticing purchase opportunities, could be the perfect remedy for that lingering boating itch.

If you’ve ever attended a boat show, you’re well aware of the hustle and bustle, especially during peak hours. Dealers from far and wide will showcase state-of-the-art boats, accessories, and equipment. To make the most of your visit, especially if you’re contemplating a boat purchase, having a well-thought-out plan is essential.

Here are our expert recommendations for creating your boat show game plan:

Research Boats and Dealers in Advance

Before setting foot in the show, familiarize yourself with the layout and the location of boats and dealers. Many shows provide detailed maps to help you navigate efficiently.

If you’re serious about buying a boat, or even if you’re just exploring options, it’s wise to list the qualities you’re seeking, including your budget range. As you peruse the boats on display, take note of the ones that catch your eye, their location within the show, and the contact information of the dealer. Whether you plan to make a purchase at the show or consider a used model in the future, this information will be invaluable.

Chart Your Course

Once you have a sense of the boats and equipment that pique your interest, prioritize your list, starting with your favorites. If you’re truly committed to thoroughly inspecting your top choices, aim to arrive when the show opens to avoid the crowds. This allows you to explore your first couple of boats at your own pace, without the rush.

However, it’s crucial to stick to your planned route and not be sidetracked by enticing distractions. You can always revisit equipment and accessories after scrutinizing the boats. If you’re on the lookout for accessories to complement your new purchase, consider checking out AERÉ inflatable fenders—they might be the perfect addition to your boat.

Keep Detailed Notes

During your visit, take thorough notes to ensure you don’t rely solely on your memory. Use a notepad for analog note-taking, but also snap pictures of features that capture your attention for quick comparisons later.

Your notes will provide valuable context for making a final decision, and they might even include your initial impressions of the dealers.

Reflect Before Deciding

While the excitement of impulsive buying can be exhilarating, it’s often wiser to review your notes once you’ve seen the boats on your map. Strive for a dispassionate state of mind to avoid potential buyer’s remorse, even if one boat initially tugs at your heartstrings.

After comparing your notes and reaching a decision (if that’s your intention), consider re-engaging with the dealer at the show. Dealers often offer enticing incentives to encourage on-the-spot purchases, so seize the opportunity!

Embrace the Experience

Presumably, you’re at the boat show because you have a deep affection for boats. Revel in the experience and relish every moment. If you’re attending without a specific mission in mind, that’s perfectly fine—enjoy the freedom and serendipity of discovery. However, if you do have a goal, rest assured that having a well-crafted plan can enhance your enjoyment, regardless of your ultimate objective.

So, gear up for boat show season and make the most of your visit. With AERÉ by your side, you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting world of boats and boating accessories. Enjoy the journey!

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