docking your boat

New Boater Guide To Docking Your Boat Successfully

Docking kits are a helpful solution for new boat owners. Knowing what you need to properly dock your boat can …


What Every New Boater Needs to Know About Docking & Undocking

It is true that docking kits  are helpful as a solution to mooring boats properly. Yet, it is not a complete one. …

types of boat fenders

Choosing The Right Type of Boat Fender For Docking

Fenders are vital in boating because they cushion and prevent the boat from hitting the docks or other vessels. Boats need fender …

Hanging Your Fenders

Protect Your Boat by Hanging Your Fenders Properly

You can hang your fenders by using the following: Using Pilings. Horizontal hanging your fenders is necessary when you tie …

The Perks of Having an Inflatable Docking System

An inflatable docking system is a useful helper in having fun while boating.  Of course, when you talk about mooring, fenders are not that …

fender covers

Why Do I Need Fender Covers

While the importance and purpose of inflatable fenders is obviously practical, the reasons for fender covers aren’t always as obvious …

How To Visit A Boat Show

How To Visit A Boat Show

As autumn begins, it’s time for boat enthusiasts to prepare for the ensuing season — boat show season! AERE will …

How to Tie Up to a Sandbar

How to Properly Tie Up to a Sandbar

As an avid boater, there will consistently be moments where proper docking is not an option or necessary for what …

top places to sail

Top Places To Sail This Summer

Summer months open such vast sailing opportunities and destinations that it can be difficult to decide where to go! If …

Benefits of Inflatable Fenders During a Hurricane

Benefits of Inflatable Fenders During a Hurricane

Keeping track of hurricanes and knowing how well suited your dock is for such a storm is half the battle …

Prepping Your Boat For A Hurricane

Prepping Your Boat For A Hurricane

Hurricane season is upon us, which means boat owners must brace themselves for the worst in case a storm hits. …

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