Protecting Your Fenders

The Importance of Protecting Your Fenders With Fenda-Sox

Inflatable fenders are widely used on boats of all sizes. Vessels ranging from small fishing boats to large yachts can use inflatable fenders as their first line of defense when it comes to avoiding interaction with docks. As inflatable fenders are extremely effective and a smart investment, it’s necessary to protect that investment, just as you would with your vessel overall. This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your fenders with Fenda-Sox. 

Inflatable fenders act as cushions that prevent a boat from being damaged by interaction between docks and other vessels. Purchasing inflatable fenders is only the first step when it comes to properly protecting your boat. It’s important to realize that this is not enough. Safeguarding your boat is a demanding task. Just as your boat is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, so are your fenders. Over time, if left uncovered, fenders can become counterproductive. While they are working to protect your vessel, they can also damage the paint on your boat, as well wear off, if not properly protected.

AERÉ Fenda-Sox are fender covers that were designed specifically to be used in conjunction with our inflatable fenders. They are made from a heavy-duty, acrylic knitted fabric and provide the ultimate protection to a vessel’s delicate topside and paint finish. Fenda Sox fender covers are extremely durable, and are available in over 20 different sizes, ensuring that any inflatable fender you choose can be properly protected.

Generally, fenders are outside all day and exposed to the elements. Just as people require protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, fenders require it as well. UV rays have the power to melt rubber fenders, which can lead to them being unusable and potentially adhering to the side of your boat. This is not something that is often thought about, but it shows the importance of protecting your fenders with Fenda-Sox.

When it comes to protecting your fenders, you can’t afford NOT to make this investment. By using AERÉ Fenda-Sox fender covers, you are not only protecting your inflatable fenders, but your boat as well. Fenda-Sox work to safeguard your vessel’s gel coating and paint, which keeps both your fenders and your vessel in pristine condition. 

Protecting your inflatable fenders using Fenda-Sox allows them to work in the way they were intended to. Fenda-Sox protect your fenders from the sun and ensure that both your fenders and vessel are free from damage, essentially extending the life of your fenders. Inflatable fenders are an investment.  Protect your fenders with AERÉ Fenda-Sox.  

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