What Is The Difference Between Neoprene And Acrylic Fender Covers

Owning a yacht is most certainly a dream come true! Although the maintenance and extra expenses may seem like a nightmare, there are many preventive things you can do to protect your beautiful vessel. One being fender covers. 

While some people may not give too much thought to what material your fender covers are made of there is a difference. AERÉ Marine manufactures two different materials for fender covers; acrylic and neoprene.

So what are the key differences between these two fender cover materials?

Acrylic Fender Covers

Our legacy fender covers, which we endearingly call Fenda Sox®, are knitted from acrylic yarn material sourced right here in the USA. Fenda Sox® are designed to protect your yacht from fender scuffs. Not only do the Fenda Sox® provide the ideal protection they also are able to stop those annoying squeaks! The Fenda Sox® are custom made in-house and made especially for our customers’ specific needs and sizes. We even offer custom embroidery so you can add a little extra flair to your fender covers. Made from our heavy duty Fenda Sox® material, these fender covers will be the perfect solution for you. From the yarn to the finished cover, all of our Fenda Sox® are made in the USA.

Neoprene Fender Covers

The traditional knitted fender covers are undoubtedly susceptible to some stretching from water absorption and even wear and tear from trapped grit and salt crystals against the hull. With this knowledge and the consumer in mind, AERÉ created Fenda-Sox NEO. Fenda Sox® NEO is made from Neoprene, similar to the type of material used in many wetsuits, however, ours is specially manufactured to AERÉ Marine’s specifications.  This neoprene fender cover fits snug on the fender and will not stretch, loose shape or absorb water. Not only are Fenda Sox® NEO soft to the touch, they are incredibly strong and durable.  Another benefit to using Fenda Sox® NEO is the cover will not damage the hull or your finish, and it is fitted on both ends, so no strings or toggles hanging down.

Each boat, every owner, and all the docking and rafting situations they will encounter are different. There’s no question that protecting your boat’s fenders from damage is the smartest way to ensure its longevity. But it’s even better when you can protect your boats finish in style. If you are on the search for the perfect pair of fenders to not only protect but also enhance the aesthetic then look no further and check out AERÉ Docking Solutions. Check out our FENDA-SOX covers collection here.

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