AERE Jet Ski Docks and Work Platforms

Innovations in Marine Technology: A Closer Look at AERÉ Inflatable Docks

Marine technology is advancing at a rapid pace, revolutionizing how we interact with watercraft and the surrounding environment. One company at the forefront of these innovations is AERÉ Docking Solutions, particularly in the realm of inflatable docks. Join us for a closer look at the groundbreaking marine technology innovations offered by AERÉ Inflatable Docks.

AERÉ Inflatable Docks represent a significant leap forward in marine technology, offering unparalleled versatility and functionality. These docks cater to various marine needs, from recreational to commercial applications, and their innovative features are reshaping the way we approach waterfront activities.

Jet Ski Docks Redefined:

One of the standout offerings from AERÉ is their Inflatable Jet Ski Dock. This ingeniously designed dock measures an impressive 18 feet in width and 10 feet in depth, providing ample space for two jet skis. What sets it apart are the water ballast bags strategically placed in the corners, enhancing stability and ensuring your watercraft remain secure in various water conditions.

The surface of the dock is covered with an incredibly robust, non-slip material, eliminating the risk of slips or accidents. Say goodbye to concerns about guests inadvertently colliding with your stern while bringing in the jet skis. The package includes a canvas storage bag, safety ladder, manual inflator, and a repair kit, and all AERÉ Inflatable Docks and Floats come with a generous three-year warranty.

A Versatile Work Platform:

Another noteworthy innovation is the AERÉ Inflatable Work Platform, designed to provide a reliable and secure workspace for a wide range of marine tasks. Crafted with durability in mind, the platform features a non-skid floor, making it suitable for activities like painting and detailing, all while your boat remains in the water.

Quick setup and easy storage are key features of this work platform. It inflates and deflates rapidly, comes with a storage bag for hassle-free transportation, and can be stowed away with ease.

Marine Technology Innovations in Action:

AERÉ Inflatable Docks are a testament to the ongoing advancements in marine technology. These versatile platforms redefine the possibilities for waterfront activities, offering stability, convenience, and durability. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, a boat owner, or a marine professional, AERÉ’s innovations are designed to enhance your experience on the water.


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marine technology, AERÉ Docking Solutions stands out as a leader in innovation. Their Inflatable Docks, including the Jet Ski Dock and the Work Platform, demonstrate a commitment to redefining how we interact with watercraft and conduct marine activities. With a focus on versatility, safety, and ease of use, AERÉ Inflatable Docks are shaping the future of marine technology.

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