how to dock a boat

How to Properly Dock Your Boat

Being out on the water is a feeling of total bliss, but for many, that bliss quickly disappears once the thought of docking their boat comes to mind. However, once you properly learn to dock your boat, the task will no longer be a daunting one and you’ll be free to experience the boating euphoria at all times of the day. 

Steps To Docking Your Boat

The first step to docking a boat is to make sure that your dock lines on both the bow and stern are prepared and from here, you go on to attach fenders. Having your dock lines ready to be tied off as soon as you’re close to the dock and placing your fenders ahead of time are both helpful preparations. Next, it is crucial to assess and review the dock area for a proper plan to best figure out how to line up your approach. It is very important to evaluate the current, wind and water conditions and to take all of this into account when lining up your approach. After this, take your time and slowly proceed toward the dock using intermittent acceleration.You must keep in mind that you should never, by any means, approach the dock any faster than you’re willing to hit it. From here, you should either navigate into the boat slip, or turn to come alongside the dock. Using your docking lines, you should then tie off your boat onto a pilling or cleat. After this, take a deep breath and smile because you just properly docked your boat.

As you can see, the process is not an overly lengthy one and with some practice, it’ll surely become second nature to you! The most important thing to remember throughout the entirety of docking your boat is that it is key to take your time through each and every step. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the process slowly, especially if you’re docking by yourself, and if you need to stop and pull back to try again, that is perfectly OK. Having an extra set of hands on deck to aid in the process could also be exceptionally helpful. Learning how to properly dock your boat may seem tedious at first, but once you have mastered these seven simple steps, there is nothing about boating that you won’t be able to handle. Browse our collection of inflatable fenders!

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