Benefits of Inflatable Fenders During a Hurricane

Benefits of Inflatable Fenders During a Hurricane

Keeping track of hurricanes and knowing how well suited your dock is for such a storm is half the battle but preparing your boat for a hurricane is more than lots of dock lines. Inflatable fenders are not only some of the most durable and flexible pieces of your hurricane preparation kit, they’re also highly convenient and easy to use. 

If you plan to keep your boat docked in the event of a hurricane, it’s highly recommended that you purchase, store, and use fenders to protect your boat from damage. We walk through a few reasons why their utility is so critical during hurricane season. 

Buffer From the Dock and Pilings

The main reason fenders are essential for docked boats during hurricanes is to avoid scraping against the pilings and the side of the dock. You never want to tie a boat to a dock without fenders — leaving them off can result in major damage. Even in worst-case scenarios, fenders add to a boat’s overall durability, and this can mean all the difference in any hurricane. Even if you’re using a floating dock, fendering will prevent your boat from scraping the sides as the surge rises and falls. 

Buffer from Other Boats

Fenders can also act as buffers against boats moored nearby in select circumstances. While this might not be as applicable during a hurricane, it can still be important if mooring your boat is your best or only option. AERÉ fenders’ varied configurations and sizes help buffer against many kinds of neighboring boats and structures. 

Highly Durable and Sized for Any Vessel

AERÉ inflatable fenders are ridiculously durable relative to similar products on the market, even in the pressure that can be generated by the most intense hurricanes. As importantly, AERÉ inflatable fenders can be purchased in sizes according to the dimensions of the vessel. Whether your boat is 50-80 feet in length (18”-24” fender), 100-200 feet (24”-36”), or more than 200 feet (36”-48”), there is a size that is compatible for every boat. There are also compatible fenders for smaller boats, such as 12”-18” for boats in the 26-50 foot range and 9”-10” for boats under 25 feet. Yachts and similarly sized vessels commonly use inflatable fenders given their size. 

Easily Storable and Portable

More than other variants of fenders and despite their strength, inflatable fenders are wonderfully lightweight, making them easy to deploy. The other wonderful convenience is that they can fully deflate, allowing you to save space and easily store when not in use. When you know a hurricane is on a warpath toward your dock, attaching these to your boat is simple, quick, and easy.  

Remember: You Really Can’t Have Too Many Fenders

Especially in the event of a hurricane or major storm, your fenders can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage from battering against docks or other ships. The more fenders you’re able to apply, the more protected your vessel will be even in the worst-case scenarios, such as dock lines breaking or the storm surge overtaking the dock pilings. 

Important Disclaimer: AERÉ cannot guarantee that boats will not incur any damage if the product is used during the event of a hurricane. No fender can guarantee to protect a docked vessel from a Category 3 storm or higher. However, feedback from customers that did use AERÉ fenders during Hurricane Irma responded with strongly positive messages stating no damage was found. 

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