AERÉ Ball Fender


Heavy Duty Ball Inflatable Fender. Made from Heavy Duty materials with a Stainless Steel “D” ring located on the end. Standard inflatable boat air valve for quick (under one minute) inflation and deflation. Designed and built due to the demand for a ball type fender that could be easily stored and handled by any crew member. The ball design minimizes the tendency of a typical fender to ride up, which many captains find a problem. The round design has been developed with a minimum of seams. Note: This not a redesigned “beachball” but a real fender designed for real use. Because it is truly inflatable and easily deflated, it requires minimal storage space and is lightweight and easy to handle.
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Introducing the AERÉ Ball Fender. Available in 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ diameter, the AERÉ Ball, provides the round shape you wanted along with the strength and ability to inflate and deflate found in all AERÉ inflatable products. Up to 10X stronger than a standard fender ball.

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Weight 2 lbs

Black, Gray

Fender Size

18" Diameter, 24" Diameter, 30" Diameter, 36" Diameter

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