The Best Inflatable Fenders for Your Vessel

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AERÉ inflatable fenders are perfect for a variety of yachts boats ranging between 18' and 400' long.

Lack Versatility

Lack the durability and protection due to inferior construction and wall thickness, which may compromise their ability to withstand rough conditions and effectively protect your vessel. Limited in size options making them potentially unsuitable for larger or uniquely shaped boats.

Unrivaled Strength

Our fenders are up to 10X stronger than standard vinyl fenders, offering unmatched protection. AERÉ offers the longest warranty program than any competitor.

Reduced Lifespan and Performance

Susceptible to corrosion and lack the corrosion resistance features of AERÉ fenders, potentially leading to quicker deterioration when exposed to water and other elements, thereby reducing their lifespan and performance. Warranty programs for more limited time frames.

Quick Inflation and Deflation

Features a standard inflatable boat air valve for rapid inflation and deflation (under one minute), making them user-friendly.


Unlike non-inflatable competitors, AERÉ fenders can be deflated, allowing for easy storage in limited space on boats. Non-inflatable fenders can not deflate.

Robust Construction

Made from reinforced materials with Stainless Steel "D" ring on each end, AERÉ fenders are built to last.

Lack Features

Lack features like Stainless Steel "D" rings and welded seams, instead using straps, which aren't as sturdy and results in potential vulnerability under challenging marine conditions.

Minimal Storage Requirements

AERÉ fenders are lightweight, extremely durable and require minimal storage space

Inconvenient and costly

May be inconvenient and costly as most other brands usually do not include a needle valve pump, requiring a customer to purchase the pump separately for inflating and deflating the fenders.

Premium Protection for Your Vessel

Step into Safety and Style with AERÉ Docking Solutions

Discover AERÉ Docking Solutions: the epitome of safety and style. Our exceptional products redefine marine industry standards with unmatched protection and aesthetic appeal. Dock your boat confidently with our durable, abrasion-resistant fenders built to withstand rough conditions, safeguarding your valuable watercraft. Experience long-lasting performance with our corrosion-resistant fenders featuring modern, stylish details like Stainless Steel "D" rings and welded seams. Elevate your boating experience with AERÉ Docking Solutions - where safety and style meet.

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