Fenda-Sox for AERÉ Mat Fenders

Fenda-Sox for AERÉ Flat Fenders. These fender covers will fit all the sizes of AERÉ; Flat Fenders. Made from our heavy duty Fenda-Sox material, these fender covers will be the perfect solution for you. From the yarn to the finished cover, all of our Fenda-Sox are made in the USA. These will be the last fender cover you will ever want to buy.
As low as $199.95
Fenda Sox® Fender Covers are made from a heavy-duty, acrylic knitted fabric and are available in over 20 sizes. A Fenda Sox® is equipped with a draw string one end, and a finished fit at the other. Fenda Sox® manufactured in the soft and gentle acrylic material provide the ultimate protection to a vessels delicate topside and paint finish. Fenda Sox® have been deployed on some of the best and most expensive yachts in the world; admired for their durability and high standard in manufacturing quality. You are now welcome to purchase Fenda Sox® on-line here or at your local marine store, just ask for Fenda Sox® fender covers manufactured by AERÉ.
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