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spring lines for docking

Spring Lines For Docking

Avid boaters know that with the right tools, boating (and its associated tasks) is a breeze. Although the most difficult …

how to dock a boat

How to Properly Dock Your Boat

Being out on the water is a feeling of total bliss, but for many, that bliss quickly disappears once the …

leaving a slip in the wind

Leaving A Slip in the Wind

Boating is a relaxing pastime. That is until the wind is working against you. It is important to know how …

mat plate fender

Uses for the Mat Plate Fender

We can all admit that there is no better feeling than paying for one product and finding out that it …

What to Look for When Purchasing Inflatable Fenders

Owning a boat of any size comes with great responsibility. Many boat owners make it a top priority to do …

2019 boat show

AERÉ Docking Solutions Upcoming Boat Show Attendance

We here AERÉ Docking Solutions love everything about the boating realm, especially boat shows. We love getting to know our …

What Is The Difference Between Neoprene And Acrylic Fender Covers

Owning a yacht is most certainly a dream come true! Although the maintenance and extra expenses may seem like a …

docking your boat

New Boater Guide To Docking Your Boat Successfully

Docking kits are a helpful solution for new boat owners. Knowing what you need to properly dock your boat can …


What Every New Boater Needs to Know About Docking & Undocking

It is true that docking kits  are helpful as a solution to mooring boats properly. Yet, it is not a complete one. …

types of boat fenders

Choosing The Right Type of Boat Fender For Docking

Fenders are vital in boating because they cushion and prevent the boat from hitting the docks or other vessels. Boats need fender …

Hanging Your Fenders

Protect Your Boat by Hanging Your Fenders Properly

You can hang your fenders by using the following: Using Pilings. Horizontal hanging your fenders is necessary when you tie …

The Perks of Having an Inflatable Docking System

An inflatable docking system is a useful helper in having fun while boating.  Of course, when you talk about mooring, fenders are not that …

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