AERÉ F11-Series Fenda-Sox

Fenda-Sox for F-Series Polyform and Taylor fenders. Designed to perfectly fit Polyform F-Series and Taylor Tuff End fenders 24" x 57". Made from our heavy duty Fenda-Sox material
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Fenda Sox® Fender Covers are made from a heavy-duty, acrylic knitted fabric and are available in over 20 sizes. A Fenda Sox® is equipped with a draw string one end, and a finished fit at the other. Fenda Sox® manufactured in the soft and gentle acrylic material provide the ultimate protection to a vessels delicate topside and paint finish. Fenda Sox® have been deployed on some of the best and most expensive yachts in the world; admired for their durability and high standard in manufacturing quality. Ask for them by name at your local marine store or order here and remember, these will fit both Taylor and Polyform Fenders!
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