AERÉ 12" Diameter Fenders


AERÉ 12" Diameter fenders are the solution for many small yachts, both power and sail. For most boats ranging between 20' and 45' long, these fenders are the ones you've been waiting for. Up to 10X stronger than your standard vinyl fenders, but can be deflated easily for storage, no bicycle pump or needles needed!

As low as $179.95

Heavy Duty Inflatable Fenders. Made from reinforced materials with Stainless Steel "D" ring on each end. Standard inflatable boat air valve for quick (under one minute) inflation and deflation. Use them to traverse locks, raft up with other boats, on an end dock when you aren't able to get the good slips when cruising out of your home waters, or just as your everyday fenders, and many other uses. Requires minimal storage space.

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